This is what service is about

I get tired of hearing how the Christian community spews hatred towards others. I get tired of people who point towards Christian organizations and say, “see, they hate people who are …” (fill in the blank). And, to be honest, I get tired of Christians who add fuel to that fire by being just the kind of people we are painted as being. So, it’s nice when a Christian organization shows the world what we are really all about…service to our God and our community.

I feel the need to pass on a recent story, one of Christians helping out when, and where, the media would least expect it: Orlando

7 thoughts on “This is what service is about

  1. My wife just minutes ago read something from a couple of “preachers” who are applauding what happened. I feel sick in my spirit because of it. We have let this go on for so long because we have refused to search the Scriptures ourselves to make sure what we were hearing was truly the Lord. I am so filled with grief right now for this reason; God created everyone, He gives everyone a chance to choose what they will do with their lives. We were once in that very same situation, but woe to the person that takes that freedom to choose from God’s creation.
    We can recognize sin for being sin, but where does that sin originate? From the tempting whispers of the principalities and powers and the host of wickedness in the heavenly places. Because some have not had the advantage of their spiritual eyes opened, does NOT make them the enemy!! The enemy is still in its stronghold and we are fighting in the wrong place!!
    I am glad you posted this! Service with and through love is NOT a choice we can continue to ignore despite who might be a tax-collector, thief, publican, or whatever else Jesus encountered when He invited to dine with sinners!!!!!!!!!! Where oh where is the Jesus example??

    God bless for this brother! I join in prayer for all who still have the chance to have their spiritual eyes awakened!


    • Many Christian today fail to remember that Christianity was much like Islam is today. We have lost the compassion and forgiveness that the early church had before Constantine made it an acceptable religion. After that hundreds of thousands were killed in the name of Christianity; Christians killing pagans and Muslims, Christians killing Christians who were not “their” brand of Christian. Jesus forgave those who crucified Him, from the Pharisees who condemned Him, to Pilate who was playing a puppet role, to the Roman soldiers who mocked, flogged, and drove the nails. Yet, today, we are not willing to separate the wheat of Islam from the chaff.

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      • I JUST wrote a piece on my Facebook timeline speaking of this comparing it to a disease like leukemia and what we do with the patient who has leukemia (my wife has it so I had great perspective) and I am hoping to make it into a post that hopefully cause others to “think” before speaking. Brother, I am so with you on this and you know, I am truly grateful that our Lord has gifted you also with the clarity of history because there are too many who don’t even realize why the organized “religions” of today are where they today, because they have forsaken the study of their history! God bless you, and we need to remember that Islam was “prophesied” and there IS a lesson in it for us today. But the main thing we need to remember is they are also the Created of our Heavenly Father and He loves them as much as any of us. We need to pray also for their “spiritual awakening” as much as we pray for our neighbors. To neglect that would be to neglect the command to love. Who are we to say, whom the Lord can and will redeem and who won’t make the free choice to accept Jesus? But for the Lord’s blessings and our place of birth, we could be in the very same place and who would have been praying for us?

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  2. I love hearing these stories. They don’t make it into the media often, yet they happen so often. Thank you for sharing it here. I hope pops up on searches about the tragedy, right there in the “top ten results”. It sure belongs there.

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