New Pandemic Announced

Antidote also released


Pandemic: an epidemic of an infectious disease that spreads world-wide through human populations

A new pandemic has been named by the Global Centers for Disease Control (GCDC*). It is called FSF which stands for Festering Seeds of Fear. Primary symptoms are as follows:

  1. Hardening of the heart
  2. Lack of compassion for widows, orphans, the poor and foreigners
  3. Feelings of intense anger toward any majority-determined outcast people group
  4. Outbreak of lachrymose over the moral condition of one’s own country
  5. Also common: anxiety, feeling of impending doom, sensation of being right but no one is listening

The Good News is an antidote to this pandemic has also been released – one that is available freely and ubiquitously.

“What if we fully engaged with all people and never thought for a moment that we had to judge them? What if we could just love them without ever believing we were condoning their sin? Dare I say it…what if we acted more like…Jesus?” Mel Wild, In My Father’s House

Have a blessed Sabbath.


*GCDC is a fictitious organization. 

Thank you Jarrett Banks for the inspiration for this post

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