11 thoughts on “A Father’s Love…

  1. Big mistake, let that baby alone. That would have helped more. I did so laugh though. My oldest is still letting their 3 year old sleep with them. Oh boy. We used to stay up all night peaking in on our kids. Never picking them up. It was so hard to do hahahah! We suffered so.



  2. Susie and I watched this together!! What an awesome (opportunity) for a lesson in LOVE!! Oh this was just so right on! Thanks LM for this! Oh I missed you along with everyone else! As brother Paul has been so influential on my learning how to do things the internet way, I have to extend to you some brotherly ((((hugs)))).
    God bless you for this LM, I’ve got to read so much more to catch up what the Lord’s been doing in everyone’s heart! Thank you for this gem!


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