The Mask Of The Internet. 

Masks …

“It’s time to take off the masks we all wear online!! If you are not the same person online as you are in real life, seek help. I know, for some it is a fantasy world. For some it’s a way of being something we never can be in real life. Believe me, I get it! I understand.”

And then as I read further, this post “got me”. I hope it gets you as well.


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I was unsure again of where to go with today’s Daily Post Word: Mask.

At first my mind went to Phantom Of The Opera. The masks we wear to hide our scars.

Then, my mind thought of pretty, colorful masks, like the ones in a video on YouTube for Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Winter shown here:

And finally, on my third attempt at finding inspiration, I found it on Facebook in a post from a friend. She posted a video with two female sports writers. The video showed two female sports writers being read Tweetsmen had posted about their sport writing. Let me tell you, through the mask of Internet writing, these posters of Tweets did not hold back!!

Now, we are told that all these tweets are from men. Who knows? Maybe they are. But they sure prove a point. People can be heartless and cruel when wearing…

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