Honesty and Truth

I have always loved music. I have always been searching for the music that touches my heart in honesty and love in the deepest way. Music and words that speak truth and human emotions.

That is one reason that I have always related to David of the bible. Particularly, I have always loved the raw honesty in the Book of Psalms.

I came across this article and video today. It is truthful and honest. No religion in it just pure relationship.

I happen to like Bono very much. His spiritual journey has been an inspiration over the years. And Eugene Peterson of The Message translation fame has been a breath of fresh air in bible reading for me.

This video touched my heart. It speaks of thoughts and expressions I have felt for a long time. Please watch it and hear it with openness and not judgement.

I’ll leave you with that……….. my heart is joyful.

Cate B

9 thoughts on “Honesty and Truth

  1. Thank you so much Cate for sharing this. It has given me a desire to be more open as I read the Psalms, maybe I should say, more prayerful and look more honestly as to what God is actually speaking to me.

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  2. What a great video. I agree with Paul. Thank you for sharing this, Cate. Eugene Peterson and Bono. Art and theology are a beautiful combination! So much hear that resonates. I hope you don’t mind if I re-blog your post. 🙂

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  3. Sis, like you said once before, we seem to have had very similar paths. When very young and first introduced in a personal way to the Lord, David was who I wanted to be like. The music and his heart after the Lord. In my youth, I didn’t realize that sometimes our Heavenly Father gives us our hearts desire despite our naivete. So it was with me. I went through some of the same problems with temptation (not exact ones) as David did, despite his and my love for the Lord. But through it all, I also learned the depth of God’s love for us and His willingness to forgive us in all things!

    Music, as I’m sure it was with David has ALWAYS been a comfort and whether listening or singing I have always been keenly aware of His presence when my heart praises Him through the music!! Thanks so much Sister Cate for sharing this. I add my vote of appreciation to the others for your gift to us! God bless you my dear Sis!

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