“Unless you really take the time to get to know us (which most people don’t), we are just the congregational eye candy, an accessory of the pastor if you will.”

We all talk about the minister, the pastor, the cleric, the collars. And they are important. But are they more important than any others? And if the answer (in reality) is “yes” – then why?

Rebekah makes me think, cry, laugh and … just come more alive. Rebekah is as special and wonderful as any collared cleric. She lives her relationship with her Lord.


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My Beautiful One

“Oh Rebekah, I told Pastor, that on Wednesday night, for a brief moment in time, all was right with the world.”
~A nice and well-meaning Church Lady~
I just smiled.
She doesn’t know and she doesn’t need to.
She doesn’t need to know that the blessed moment in time, the 2:30PM to midnight when my husband lovingly returned for the questioning on Wednesday, was the first time I’d been alone at night since we moved.
I was gonna go to church up here that night, but didn’t have the car seats.   I was gonna go to the grocery store but didn’t have the van.  I assumed he would take the car.  I hadn’t communicated my plans.
No big deal.  It was nice to get the boys to bed early.  I could read for a while.
I was fine til about 9:30PM.  Then I started to notice the sounds of…

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