Word pictures!

Are they parables or do I need to be qualified to “write parables”? Whatever the answer, I want to write pictures and parables like SV!

She paints images that resonate deep within me! And then finishes with …

peace out


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Selah Vita


about a week ago i had a vision of the Lord holding a huge tuning fork. He lifted it high into the air and gently swung it as if He were banging it against something. i didn’t hear any sound but i knew in my spirit, whatever He struck caused it to vibrate. He then held it down to where His people were and i heard the words “I’m tuning the hearts of my people”.
that sounded kind of strange, and yet, i knew it was somehow a good thing…knowing that, i’m  going to get a little bold and say this; “get ready…get ready and prepare to have your hearts tuned to His…get ready to have your hearts changed by His vibrations and let Him fine tune you and vibrate/shake you into who you were called to be!”
it’s time to become who and what you were created for…

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