When we are faced with choosing love

Our gazes do not see

The precious ones God placed on earth;

Our heart gives breach entrée.


A neighbor we ignore today

Expands the fissure’s gap.

The less we love, the more we’re prone

To Shadow’s fearful trap.


The less we love, the less we love

‘til friends and kin laid bare.

Susceptible to darkened heart

We even cease to care.


And enemy – well, who could love

Such wretched sinners strayed.

Yet, Jesus did; forgave them, too.

Could he your heart persuade?


We boast of being Christians, but

Our acts his words demean,

His call to love, to walk his will

Create a vast ravine.


Shadow-personAs shadow overtakes your heart

And chasm seems no end

The answer is to love and hear

Both enemy and friend.


The more we love, the more our heart

Desires to love free.

The love of God takes over and

We love our enemy.


We see beyond the surface; yes

We see the tears below.

Our heart sees pain and hurt and wounds

The heart denies to show.


And as we’re willing to accept

God mercy, love and grace,

Outside of Shadow’s grip we rise

Into the Light’s embrace.


Thank you, Little Monk, for the inspiration for this poem.

11 thoughts on “Shadow

  1. I’d love to take credit, but I quoted another when I repeated what he said one day…

    “Look around you. When we look upon ANY of those people without loving them… when we refuse to love anyone as Jesus loves… we open the way for a shadow to enter and dwell in our hearts.”

    Wish I’d said it. Wish I were more obedient in this myself…

    But this is magnificent, Susan. Thank you.


  2. We all know the image of when we pass away we will be welcomed at Heaven’s gate by Peter with his checklist. However, what if we were welcomed by the person we most detested while alive? What if we had to take their hand, embrace them, in order to gain entry?


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