We’re cheap crappy mulch. And that’s good.

If you have not yet bumped into Jim – you should! Why?

Try this extract of a real “thinker” of a loving post:

“I’m not saying we don’t owe God everything for the grace he shows us every day. But perhaps we’ve lulled ourselves into inaction by constantly drilling into our own heads how “broken” we are and God’s up there like, “Get over dudes. Broken means you can’t function. You ain’t broken. I’m kinda waiting for you to, like, start working. Ya know?”
Those are my slightly disorganized thoughts for the day. Later all.”

Jim Voigt – Cannot Contain

365 Days Later

Something snapped in my head this morning. The current Christian church is hammering away at how God loves you even though you’re a mess, even though you’re broken, even though you’re not perfect.

And that’s all true. But crap, dude, I’m sick of hearing about it. Listen, if you’re in a place where you think you’re too big of a mess for God to love you, you’re wrong. It’s as simple as that. Just get over it. God loves you. And he’s got some crap he needs you to take care of, so just… GRRR. Get over it.

And then it started hitting me. God created all of us. And I operate under the belief that he’s not an idiot and doesn’t screw up. So why are we all so broken? Okay, bust out the theology about the original sin, and blah blah blah my eyes roll back into my…

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