Stopping the Freight Train

A couple of days ago I linked a post (“How much should a Christian weigh?”) to the blog of beautybeyondbones. This morning this post from “bbb” was in my reader.
Just in case you haven’t managed to read bbb’s story, here is why I think you might like to:

“So that leads to the question: How, then, did you manage to escape those thoughts? How did you change your thinking?
Well, it was a long process.
But here’s the long and the short of it: instead of trying to stop thinking that way, I instead started thinking about something else.
I filled my mind with other thoughts.”

There is a reason this wonderful human being has so many followers and comments – and I am in total awe of the way bbb responds to EACH one!

BUT … if you need another reason – she loves Jesus!

(comments and likes in bbb’s blog please)


What did we do before email?

Seriously, though.

What was the world like before we could instantly communicate with people around the globe? Reflecting on that makes me feel very small.


In case you were unaware, I have an email address for the blog. (Also a twitter@Anarevealed and Instagram @beauty.beyond.bones.) But my email is where you can email me with questions, comments, the weather report, conspiracy theories about Serial, freak out responses overThe Bachelor…you name it. I’m all ears.

And let me just say that Ilove all the emails you guys send. They make my day:) Thank you. ❤

But there’s one topic that I get asked about ten times more than any other. And it’s something that I was actually talking to my mom about recently.

And it has to do with how I actually changed my thinking surrounding ED.

Young warriors reach out…

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