The Great Questions — The Littlest Question


“How do I LIVE in Christ, right here, right now, day to day?”

THAT, I call “the littlest question”. That is a question of “how?”, not of “Who?” or of “What?”. That is a question of “little me”, not “All Mighty God”, or “The Mighty Counselor”, or “The Messiah”, or “The Savior”. That is a question of right here, right now, not “In Eternity”, “In the Cosmos”, or “From the Beginning of Time”.

As Christian bloggers, as ministers of the gospel, as church people, as teachers/preachers, we spend much of our time dealing with “The Great Questions!” “Who/What is God and His Nature?”, “What is Truth?”, “What is Forgiveness and how Often?”, “How Should the Bride of Christ, The Church, Run?“, and so on. Those are decidedly GOOD questions. They explore our relationship with God as we seek to know Him intimately and thus experience eternal life. Nothing wrong with such questions. I spend much time in them, as do others.

But, once in a while I am reminded of the fundamental simplicity of Christ. Recently I was reminded, by someone INSISTING that I address a single, very simple question. It shames me to confess, their question was so fundamental and so simple, and I spend so much time “in my head” with the great and mighty questions, that for far too long… I couldn’t even HEAR their question properly.

What was the question?

“HOW… in practical terms… How am I supposed to LIVE, as a Christian?”

Every time I answered, the person shook their head and said, “I HEAR that, but I don’t know how to DO that! I hear that from you, I see that in Scripture, I hear that in Church… but when it comes right down to it, I don’t know what that all MEANS outside of church, prayer and religion. HOW do I DO that?”

I realized that THEY were not the one “not getting it”. THEY weren’t “dense”. *I* was. *I* wasn’t getting it, *I* was being slow on the uptake. I didn’t know why communication wasn’t happening, so I backed up a moment to take my confusion to Jesus, and He showed me the problem. It made me blush then, and it makes me blush now.

I kept giving them “Great Question” answers. You know… “Love God with all your…”, “Love as Jesus loves…”, “Forgive always…” so on and so on. I kept answering the “What?”‘s of Christian living. They weren’t ASKING me about “What?” or “Why?” or “Who?”… they got all that. They knew all that. They were asking “HOW?”, and I was utterly failing to respond. What’s more, truthfully, I didn’t KNOW. I hadn’t “thought about it”. It all seems so complicated… “How do you live a perfect (as Jesus commanded at the end of Sermon on the Mount) Christian life?” So many rules. So many opinions. So many interpretations. So many traditions. What was I to say?

So, as I stopped my speaking, closed my eyes, backed up… and “punted”… I prayed, then shut up and listened. “Lord? What’s wrong here? Why are we not connecting? I’m missing something critical here.”

And, at first, all I could hear was Jesus’ laughter. Rather like we laugh when watching a kitten tie themselves up in a big ball of yarn. Not “making fun” so much as “recognizing the absurdity of the moment”. His laughter calmed me in the sense that I knew I wasn’t “misleading” or “speaking less than Truth” here, but I remained confused for the moment.

“You’re just making things all too complicated,” He said. “HOW do you live out love? If you want to focus on one, single, behavior that will have the greatest impact on letting Me be Me in you… ‘be KIND’! The closest human label and emotion to ‘agape’ in behavior, is ‘kindness’. Tell him to go out tomorrow, and every day, in every encounter, making every decision, in the kindest way and being kind to everyone. He will know, as do you and everyone else, when he is being ‘unkind’ and ‘selfish’. Tell him, simply to ‘be kind’, and then follow up from there with him later.”

And so I did.

That has affected me since. I’ve looked at that aspect of my Crystal Rose now from many angles. It’s true. “Kindness” in the way we mean that, is central to all of the Old Law. Central to the Gospels. If we were to line up all the encounters of Jesus, and ask what central characteristic they hold in common, His kindness would be atop the list.

Kindness… to be consistently Kind… is very very simple.

It is also very very hard!

Want the Scriptural take on all this?

Read over the entirety of 1 Corinthians 13 for a moment. (It’s a comparatively short chapter. Go ahead and look at it… I’ll wait here.)

<<     Hums the Final Jeopardy theme music tune here, waiting patiently….  >>

Finished? Good. Now watch this…

In all that chapter, Paul deals with “love”, and simple behaviors, after opening with matters of Great Questions. After all, Paul’s epistles constantly deal with Great Questions and Weighty Matters… the nature of God, the nature of the Church, the nature of Salvation, discipline in the church, the nature of ministry, the qualifications of ministers… and on… and on… and on. We base much of our Great Question dialogue grounded in the writings of Paul. As I said, nothing wrong with that.

But! We can lose sight of the simple fact that over and over and over, Paul is ALSO “making new believers”! He is evangelizing. He is sharing the SIMPLE Good News of the arrival of Jesus, His Kingdom, and the freedom in our lives of our redemption. Paul doesn’t plunge new believers into heady debate about “to meat or not to meat”, or lots of other things. He speaks of Christ, of His love, of Christ come, and crucified, and risen.

The KEY verse, in all of 1 Corinthians 13, I believe to be Verse Four:

Love is patient, love is kind and is not jealous; love does not brag and is not arrogant…”

As I’ve looked and pondered these things, the opening verses deal with the Great Questions! You can have all the “Great Answers”, and do all the “Great Things”… but without this bedrock, this “love” thing… that’s all meaningless. Everything before verse four, seems to lead up to verse four. Everything after verse four, seems only to expand on and refine it.

“Patient, kind, no jealousy or ego…”

To brag and be arrogant are based in pride, and pride (wounded) is part and parcel of jealousy.

So… right here, in front of man and God and everybody, I say openly… “If you want to live out the perfect Christian life, and have the love of Christ flow through you to others, focus behaviors on ‘patient, kind, not ego-bound'”.

There’s HOW!

One last note. Think about, in your own life, those persons… those (usually) handful of persons… who have really “shone Christ” in your own life to you. You know who I mean, the one’s who, when you spend time with them, leave you sensing the nearness and presence of Christ more strongly than you did before. Those ones that just ‘cover you up in’ the Father’s love, the Son’s Forgiveness, the Holy Spirit’s presence. The ones you reach towards when you feel that need for the tangible presence of Jesus.

Now, ask yourself,  “is that person patient? kind? and humble (ego-free)” in their dealings with me?

Let us, then, go and do likewise.

Grace to you, Gentle Reader — The Little Monk


8 thoughts on “The Great Questions — The Littlest Question

  1. What an awesome exposition!! Exposing a simple truth, get it? 😉 I had never thought of that like this. I have always merged the Lord’s “lovingkindness” with his unconditional love and as you said, it’s not wrong, but it doesn’t explain the HOW, as you stated.

    The kindness, a very important, Fruit of the Spirit, is an action that is so underrated and lumped with Love just as I have done, but where the world has lost sight of what True love is, kindness is understood to all just by its very character!! Awesome, LM, just AWESOME! I have to tell you, you are certainly “firing on all cylinders” with your Holy Spirit engine!!!!

    God bless for this!

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    • Dear Pastor Roland,

      You always humble me, and make me smile, when you comment. Thank you for your kind words, but please note that it was precisely my CLUMSINESS here… lol… my total inability to articulate a simple answer to a simple question, that brought Jesus to my rescue (yet once again!) 🙂

      It is so easy, for me at least, to become so fascinated and engrossed in the Great Mysteries of God… that I lose all sight of the “manna” all around us underneath the leaves. There’s nothing great or heroic about kindness, patience, modesty, or servanthood. Yet time and again, these are what Jesus did, what He said, what He modeled.

      As I studied on this, I realized… we may well answer the question, “What did Jesus exhibit most frequently in His encounters with people throughout the Gospels?” with the answer “Love”. And that would be true. But we would only say it because “we’ve read the book through to the last chapter.” We “know” that He was modeling and teaching “love” because ultimately He said so.

      For those actually STANDING there… given that there’s no evidence that He was a big “hugger”, or “kisser”, or whatnot… we may well have simply SEEN… “Jesus being kind… being generous… being patient… giving away His time, attention, energy to meet the needs of anyone who came to Him needy.”

      We hear the word “love” so much in our religious dimension (I hope), that sometimes it almost loses its focus by its repetition. We use phrases like, “I love you in the Lord…”… etc. I’ve never known exactly what that means. Does that mean I am to love you MORE intensely than I do my own family, or less?

      Anyhow, it’s sometimes hard to get a direct scriptural grip on “love”, especially for someone who hasn’t yet found their groove. But “be kind”? “Be kind,” now, THAT has some direct meaning. Be patient. Don’t get jealous, resentful, or full of yourself… Those, those are do-able. Tough, yes. But definitely clear. No fuzzy edges there.

      Grace to you — LM

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      • You ALWAYS, tickle me! I am blessed beyond measure for the Holy Spirit leading me in the direction of “relationship” with you and so many others! Greatly blessed indeed!! Hugs to you!!


  2. ““I love you in the Lord…”” Amen!

    “Blessing” “Be blessed” “Have a blessed day” even (he says carefully) “Grace” – I am a Christian so instead of “Kind regards” or “Thank you” or “Yours sincerely” I will use the Christian version!

    Great post LM – you and the Lord rock!! (‘cos God gave rock and roll to us, doncha know!)


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