Kitchen Table Conversation: Justice? Wait, I thought God Loved Me!

 All powerful

All Knowing

All present







What is all that you ask? Well, those would be just some of the many characteristics, roles, or attributes of God. He is all of those things. He is all of those things, all of the time. He is all of those things in equal measure(that measure being infinite, of course). But that is not all. God is also the following:




Administrator of Justice

We don’t like the idea of justice so much. We love love. We love grace. We love mercy. We don’t so much love law, judgement, or justice. Well, that is not really true. We do love justice, just not applied to us. Don’t we all scream for justice constantly?

That’s not fair!

Someday THEY will get what they deserve!

I deserve better than that!

They are going to pay for that some day!

Hey, where’s mine?

And on and on and on it goes.

So, we all have an innate, and generally very well developed sense of justice. After all, we spend big parts of our lives demanding it. Did we evolve into this almost universal sense of justice? Well, of course not. We were given our sense of justice. When? Back in the Garden of Eden when God scooped up the dirt of the Earth, created a man, breathed life into his nostrils, and man became a living soul.

We were created in God’s image; we have a sense of justice because the One who created us also has a sense of justice

I have taken a sort of round about trip to answer a common question:

If God loves us, why can’t He just forgive us and move on? Why doesn’t He just “Let us all go” so to speak?

 I don’t really want to over complicate the answer to that question, so will answer it with some short scenarios and questions of my own. If any reader decided to pay a visit to the local court day in their town and saw the following occur, what would the reaction be?

What if before court even started, the presiding judge stood up and proclaimed the following:

I really, really, really love you all! I know you are all guilty as charged, but I really, really love you all. So, even though you all did your particular crimes you won’t be punished for them. Every body go home!

What if the local auto thief came before the judge:

Thief: Yeah, Judge I stole that car, but I am really, really sorry!

Judge: Ok, great. Thanks for the apology. You may go home.

What about the guy who stole the radio from that car?

Thief: Yeah judge, I stole the radio. But at least I didn’t steal the whole car like that other guy!

Judge: Ok. Hmm. Good point. You may go home.

The armed robber?

Robber: I did it judge sure I did. You know all the charity stuff I do, right? How am I gonna do all that in jail?

Judge: Good point. Go home

If any of that actually occurred, what would our reaction be? At bare minimum we would quite electing that Judge, or work to have such a judge removed from the Bench. Why is that? Well obviously the conduct described above violates any sense of justice any normal, rational person has.

We believe in Justice

We are in God’s image

God gave us our sense of justice

God is just Himself

Why do we demand He behave differently?

Remember earlier when we talked about God’s attributes? He is all the things listed, all of the time,  in full measure of each. Since being unchanging is also one of God’s attributes, He can not stop being any of those things. This is just simple fact as He has revealed to us in His Word, the Bible. We know these things because He has told us.

Another attribute of God is perfection and Holiness. Simply put, our transgressions large or small, are less than perfection and separate us from Him.

Isaiah 59:2 But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear.

Big, or small. Shoplifter to mass murderer.

James 2:10 For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all.

So in the eyes of a perfect and Holy God we are all guilty as charged. If this was our local courtroom, we would demand justice. Well, so does God.

Romans 6:23 The wages of sin is death………

That’s right, the penalty prescribed in God’s Law for violation of that law is the death penalty. The penalty is not penance, or purgatory, or a monetary fine or any sort of good works to make up for what we have done. The penalty for our sin is death. What does this mean? Well, after the first sin, it meant physical death. If Adam and Eve had not sinned, they would have lived forever in their physical forms, in harmony with God. Their sin brought into the world all the sickness and death as we know it today. Death also means spiritual death.  Even though we all eventually die physically, we are are all eternal in our spirits. Our spirit, or soul will exist for all eternity.  So, again, what is it to spiritually die? Spiritual death is eternal separation from God in a place called Hell. It’s really that simple. When God says the wages of sin is death, that is the death of which He speaks.

Justice demands this. So, now what? Well, there is more!

Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

God has given us a gift. Even though we owed the penalty of death for our sin, He gave us His Son, Jesus Christ as a way for that debt to be satisfied. God became flesh, in the form of Jesus Christ and became incarnate on this Earth for that very reason. Jesus Christ was fully human, so He could pay the price humans owed for their sin; He was also fully God, so He could pay the infinite price of the sin of all humanity past, present and future. Despite how He hates sin, God loves us deeply and completely.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

It is a gift, we do not pay a thing for it; Jesus paid it all. We do not deserve it and we do not earn it.  All we have to do is accept it. How do we do this? Let’s look at what the Bible teaches about this:

Romans 10:9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

Romans 10:13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

It’s the meeting of the attributes


God demands it


God has it

Mercy and grace

God offers it

Will you accept it today?

24 thoughts on “Kitchen Table Conversation: Justice? Wait, I thought God Loved Me!

  1. Yes yes yes Lord Jesus!!! Thank you for paying the price for a wretched sinner like me. Your name shall forever be on my lips as I, along with all creation proclaim you are Lord over all!

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        • That encouragement means so much thank you for it. I will say that the prayers of many helped make it happen, as I was quite honestly floundering over it.

          One think I have learned from you is to simply just let The Spirit move, and things will happen. Which is a challenge for those of us who like logic and things in their places all of the time.

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          • That’s what we’re here for, to encourage one another. Letting the Spirit move you is hard when we struggle with control. But I learn a little more everyday how to just let Him take over. I’m getting there… Thanks for your encouragement as well, love to you


    • Lilka,

      Laws/lows. That is classic!

      Thank you for your encouraging word. I love simple and clear. There are plenty of truly deep writers out there(just look on Church Set Free!) They are amazing truly and much appreciated. I’m just simple fellow myself, so simple is what you get!

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  2. Really like those characteristics, Wally. And love always has to come first.

    I think my reaction to that judge would be different than most – But how about if he said, “You’re forgiven; Now go home, and don’t do that anymore!” 🙂

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  3. Such a good UNcompromising stand on justice with love! I like what Bob Sorge says about waiting for God’s justice for us, that for us it comes not only with restoration but also with restitution. Part of what makes God’s justice so, you know, just. (and holy…)

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    • Thanks Dawn. Bob Sorge. I will have to check that out, as I am unfamiliar with it.

      It’s somewhat disturbing the way the concept of God’s justice is pushed aside to me. That is because we think we have to pick and choose from among His various attributes rather than just accepting that they can all exist equally in Him. We just don’t get it is all.

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  4. Brother Wally, I’m just going to reblog your post for my next “The Living Word” chapter cause you said so much already!!! Naw, I look at it as confirmation Brother and I am always so thankful to the Lord for that! I don’t mean to “preach” to the choir as what I have been teaching isn’t necessarily new, but bringing out and showing our Heavenly Father’s Character and attributes is so important in having an intimate relationship with Him.

    I was particularly struck by this part of your article, “We were given our sense of justice. When? Back in the Garden of Eden when God scooped up the dirt of the Earth, created a man, breathed life into his nostrils, and man became a living soul.

    We were created in God’s image; we have a sense of justice because the One who created us also has a sense of justice.”

    So many people, Christians as well, forget that just as a parent passes on certain traits to their offspring, so has God, our Heavenly Father, passed on aspects of His Character to each of us. That is one of the things that makes us so unique in all of creation. We truly are, our Father’s sons and daughters! Don’t be surprised when you see this point in one of the future posts on His character brother!!

    I’m glad you were able to add your post as I agree with others that our prayers were sent. We are all unique in our gifts and we need ALL the perspectives that the Holy Spirit has inspired in each of us!! God bless you so very much, my brother!!!

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    • Brother Roland, thank for your support and encouragement. It simply means the world to me.

      Ha, don’t you ever worry about preaching to me! That is what you preachers are called to do, is preach to the rest of us. Besides, you always add some amazing insights to any post you comment on.

      That passage from Genesis simply captivates me, as when I think of it I actually visualize The Lord literally breathing life and a soul into Adam. Wow, what can one say about that? It is the basis of so very much about us and our world. If we believe that, many other things become very clear.

      Thank you brother and have a wonderful day!

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  5. Is it not a wondrous and wonderful thing you say in your conclusion…
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Justice — God demands it
    Love — God has it
    Mercy and grace — God offers it
    Will you accept it today?
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    So that, to return to the courtroom scene in your post…

    – The Prosecutor brings forth the charges, the Accuser speaks (as he always has)… “You are a thief You violated God’s Divine Law and Commandment… “Thou shalt not steal!” You are Guilty!
    – You start to respond… to protest that you didn’t steal the WHOLE car, or you do all sorts of good things you’ll not be able to do in prison… but as you rise and start to speak…
    – Your attorney, your advocate sitting alongside, gently grasps your arm and pulls you back into your seat, saying, “Hush… I’ll handle this in a moment.”
    – So, a bit nervously, you sit down and wait…

    – The Accuser rises again, points his finger, indicts you with your own wrongdoings, your contempt for law and order and justice, your pitiful attempts to make up for your worthlessness
    – He points to the beauty of the law, the simplicity of the commandments, and the authority of the lawgiver
    – He appeals to the Judge, His Dignity, His Authority, and the OBVIOUS exercise of His Divine Justice in condemning you to your well-deserved punishment.
    – The Accuser rests his case, certain of his facts, confident of your demise…

    – Nervously, you squirm in your seat, realizing you haven’t a leg to stand on, awaiting your doom to fall. (As do multitudes of Christians, each day… knowing they have not lived “worthy of the Gospel”.
    – But your attorney pats you reassuringly on the arm, and says, “We’re almost there, be not afraid.”

    – Your attorney rises, looks towards the Prosecutor and says, quietly, “Are you finished?”
    – The Accuser looks over with a curt and contemptuous nod…
    – Your attorney says, “Oh, good. I represent this client. I am his attorney and advocate. Your Honor, may I ask that the court clerk again read the indictment, the charge sheet?”
    – The Judge nods, as all eyes focus on the Clerk of the Court, who picks up a LONG scroll… and then takes on a very confused expression. The angel involved starts unrolling the parchment from one end to the other… then scrabbles frantically on their desk, among their papers and quills.
    – “What’s wrong?” the Judge asks.
    – “It’s BLANK, Your Honor. I don’t understand it. It’s been here the whole time. I took good care of it. I KNOW this is the correct scroll… but there is nothing on it. It’s completely blank!”

    – “Begging Your Honor’s pardon a moment…” your Advocate entones…. “but now that we are coming to the conclusion, I move for dismissal. There ARE no charges against the accused. I removed them, into the deepest abyss of the sea, as far as the east is from the west.”
    – “There is now no condemnation possible for my client, this guilt-free child of yours. All the cars have been repaired, restored, and re-equipped. All damage has been made good. All parties have been satisfied. I, personally, have paid all the bills.
    – “I stand in this child’s place, Your Honor. For the Accuser to lay hands on this child, he must first get through Me… for I am not only his Advocate… but his Sacrifice and Offering.
    – “To condemn this child, Your Honor, You would have first to condemn Me.
    – “And, as I have already been condemned, judged, tortured, executed, and died… And You saw fit to raise Me from the dead having PAID the price of ALL sin for ALL time…

    – “Well, Your Honor, the only Divine Justice conclusion possible here is total acquittal… lest double jeopardy attach.
    – “My client cannot be held liable to pay for offenses that have already been paid for!”

    Quiet would follow for a few moments, before hearing…

    “Truly spoken, My Son… Come, son-formerly-accused, you are hereby declared clean, righteous, and free of any defect or stain. Come into the Joy of Your Father!”

    And in you walk, amazed at it all.

    And again, the Accuser just grinds his teeth. But at least he knows the satisfaction of how few children KNOW this is how it REALLY works… and he gets to savor their delicious fear for so many human decades.

    Grace… priceless.

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    • Wow LM, it’s a pretty wondrous and wonderful thing you said here! I am honored that you took the time to say such a comment. It rather boggles my mind yet makes the whole thing seem so clear. That’s a gift, you know.

      Know what I really like about this? That scroll? It stays blank…it never gets written on again. Yep…grace…priceless.

      Thank you friend for that.

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