Kitchen Table Conversation: Just What? (Justice)

The topic this day in Kitchen Table Conversation is Justice. I was excited when I first found this out about a month ago. I just happen to despise injustice.

So I began to think deeply about justice.  And I thought and I thought and I looked it up and I thought and I thought some more.

Good grief.  Justice is quite the topic.  I mean, it’s so vast yet so single.

I’ve mentioned in the past that I am no great Bible scholar.  I find it much easier to speak from my heart.  So here goes.

Having worked for Law Enforcement and having the opportunity to listen and type out interviews between detectives and suspects, well, justice had slipped into my thoughts often. I would allow thoughts about these people, who weren’t yet convicted, to swirl through my head.  I had to stop that before they entered my heart. I found a way, through prayer, to delete these thoughts so I wouldn’t bring these people home with me.

I realized that I was  just the paper filer, the records keeper and distributer of such documents. That was my place at the PD. I was not a Judge or even a Jury. The Officers were not those roles either.  I felt for the victims. Big Time! I often prayed for Justice.

So, how do I feel about Justice? Eye for an eye? Throw them away for life or even death…….before they even have a trial? These are thoughts I struggle with every time I listen to the News. But who am I to pass sentence on people?

Recently I was unjustly accused of something that I did not do. I’ll tell you that story. It was small and menial compared to breaking the law and committing an unthinkable crime. But I felt so betrayed. You see, someone I thought was a close friend decided that some things our family faced recently was all due to the fact that I read a series of literature books that, apparently, they did not approve of. Therefore, our family went through a difficult week with “life stuff”. Say what?

This may sound silly compared to the serious subject of Justice, but bear with me. You see, with my relationship with God, I know I had the liberty to ready this particular series. I even ran it by my husband just to see what he thought. I knew he would agree with me. My mistake was not knowing the depth of my friendship with these people. It was shallow and I thought it was deep. Not only did I feel betrayed and judged by them, but they didn’t even tell me, they told my husband. That was probably a good idea though, my husband is much kinder and merciful. He turned it around and they didn’t even see that. I, on the other hand, would have possibly gotten all “Jersey” on them and cried. 😀

I really hate the feeling of being misunderstood and accused of something I didn’t do. I have spent the last week looking into my heart and what I came up with was the fact that I trusted them as friends. That is where it failed. After I got over all the things I felt about them (not pretty) I realized that I should have seen it coming. The hints they dropped about themselves were there. I chose to dive in anyway. Bottom-line, I want to show them love and mercy. They wouldn’t look at me at church, I tried to make eye contact. Our friendship has dropped to another level on the friendship meter. It is sad, but we will try and work it out and most likely agree to disagree – at least I will.

You see, I decided, after I threw the book at them and unjustly attacked them before God, and threw away the proverbial key, that I would let their Father and Friend, Jesus and Holy Spirit speak to their hearts. Their choice to listen to Him or not. My choice? My choice is Mercy. I want to show Mercy every time a misunderstanding comes up. And as humans, we know how often that happens. I would rather err on the side of Mercy than Judgement any day, and let God be our Judge. And in the place of the Law on this earth, the powers that be.

There. I now need a cup of coffee and a piece of pie and a good book to read 😉

Cate B


15 thoughts on “Kitchen Table Conversation: Just What? (Justice)

  1. Your heart speaks just fine, no Bible scholar needed. Loved how you took “real life” and chose to err on the side of mercy just like our Father. Instead of going “Jersey” (that cracked me up!) you trust the matter with to the only true Judge. It will work its way out.

    Now, about that pie…

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  2. Sis Cate!! Hugs, Hugs, Hugs (if you don’t mind 😉 ) You don’t need to be a Bible Scholar, you walk in the Word and that perspective is needed more times than some one who is “academic” in that same word. I could relate so easily it was like the past was zooming back into my mind!! My wife’s mom, whom I loved so much, (she passed away about a year ago) was a real mother to me! She truly loved the Lord, but she came from a very strict background and years ago, Susie and I tried to help her and Dad out by renting the upstairs of their huge two-story house. We were able to help pay the electric and water bills as well as the mortgage and it was a real benefit to both of our families. But — you knew that was coming, right? But, I used to belong to several book clubs back then, as Susie and I were voracious readers. I loved Science Fiction and Mysteries and Adventures so there were several clubs we belonged too, even before we moved into the “big house.”
    The thing is, mom used to think Science Fiction was vulgar and against the Lord. She didn’t feel the same about some of Sue’s romance books, and every time one would come in the mail, she would get upset. We did get us a P.O. box so she wouldn’t have to see them in the mail, but just because they were in her house she had a hard time with them. I used to just look at her and tell her, “I love you mom, just keep praying for me.”
    But we got through it and our relationship remained strong! The Holy Spirit always reminded me of the freedom I had in Christ, but also cautioned me to not allow it to be a stumbling block to others. But we serve a big God and the one thing in all of our favor is that when a family loved one or a good friend also knows the Lord in an intimate way, the Holy Spirit is always true to speak to their hearts!
    Sis, I LOVED your article! I appreciate you perspective on the Lord and His relationship with each of us. You know, we DO tell one another how much we love one another a lot and sometimes we might not take it seriously, but I think one thing we don’t do enough is to tell one another how much we APPRECIATE the things that are done for us. Humor, encouragement, satire, perception are all important things that we should be very appreciative of in our relationship with one another!
    Can you imagine the great time we are all going to have around that Heavenly Banquet table with Jesus at the head? I’ll bet there will be a lot of heavenly pies and coffee and we won’t gain one iota of weight!!! 😉
    God bless you Sis, very much!

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    • Thank you Roland! The biggest lesson for me was as you said, I really need to be careful where others “liberties” lie or don’t lie. Most of my deepest friends know me and are on the same page – I misread the depth of this relationship….BUT I do believe God wants it deeper with these folks and one of my prayer assignments is to help them get there ….. for they sake, not mine. LOL You and your wife are awesome – and yes, bring on the mysteries and science fiction! 😀

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