Sometimes You Gotta Dance

The last two weeks have been unusual yet victorious.  Sometimes you need to crank up the sound and just dance………

“God look at me

I’m just a man

But you tell me I’m not just a man

So hard to understand

After all, I’m just a man

God you tell me not to doubt

But I’m always plagued by doubt

And you always help me out, I’m so ashamed

And I say, Hey, hey, Who can be against me”

Cate B 😀

4 thoughts on “Sometimes You Gotta Dance

  1. Sister Cate! Thanks for the delicious dessert!!! I couldn’t keep my feet from jumping around. Good thing it is one of my “better” nights!!! Also, for some reason, can’t get the smile off my face!!!
    Love you Sis! (loads of hugs in Christ!!) 😉

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