Kitchen Table Conversations – Justice

kitchen table

Wednesday, February 10th 2016

Topic is “Justice”

The table is here: Church Set Free

A bunch of posts on one theme

a diversity and abundance of 






life and living

Put a note in your diary – our table is big enough for everyone.


FEBRUARY 10th 2016

Conversations across the globe



Hope to see you here for some great company!

9 thoughts on “Kitchen Table Conversations – Justice

  1. Reblogged this on Just me being curious and commented:

    Over at Church Set Free, the “”Secret Santa Blog Day” (started here on this blog) is to become the CSF “Kitchen Table Conversations”.

    The topic of the one in February is “Justice”. And whatever that means to you is between you and your Lord – just like for each of us.

    If you would like to take part, please add a comment – either below or on the original. Thank you.


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