All life needs love

I read somewhere that a female human being will seek a mate for procreation: strong, powerful of muscle and mind – eye candy with a brain. And yet that same female human being will seek someone different to protect and nurture her children: a keeper, someone solid and caring, someone who will be there for her and their children. The conclusion was that monogamy is a cultural conundrum – that the essence of successful creation requires multiple partners.

I have a different thought. I have a thought that love is the answer – that love changes everything.

So yes,  if the “female” seeks only a sperm donor of orgasm – then love is not a requirement. And yes, if the “male” seeks only a sperm recipient of orgasm – neither need love. Surely that is not the “creation of life”?  Yet – for me – the consequence of orgasm and sharing sperm will have consequences. Not just if birth control statistics come true and creation of life is “the consequence”. But in the very act of that “intimacy of sharing” crossing a line. And how ignoring the crossing will eventually have consequences. Maybe not immediately.

But at some point “it” will not be enough. And hope for “life beyond the line” will be the consequence. And ALL life needs love – even hope.  So the consequence of shared orgasm is life at some point – whether desired as “relationship” or not desired as “a baby” – both are the creation of life without love.  Which may then need “multiple partners” before love is found (along with a growing scepticism of “love”).

I have found that “religious orgasm” with others has consequences. Because whilst there is no sperm sharing, there is “soul sharing” – and as far as I know there is no soul “birth control” available yet.  And when you orgasm on religious faith you will create life. You will create hope that is living – and all living things need loving.  So if the “hallelujahs” are all there is … if the “saving” is all there is … if “Sunday” is all there is … if Love is missing …  how will then hope be nurtured?

And just as bad dating experiences cause disillusionment with “love” – so too bad experiences with religion cause disillusionment with “God”. And just as “all men” become bastards – so too “all religions” become evil.  And just as “they only want to get a ring on my finger” – so too “religion” –  and just as “I have had it with relationships” – so too the age-old “I have had it with God.”

All life needs love.

But we so often make God as fickle and imperfect as we see in each other.  We so often impose our own shortcomings on God (and others who “believe in God”).  We question both – we test both. And – surprise surprise! – BOTH come up short!

I have been through the lust stage. And I looked for the loving. And I found it missing. So I kept on looking. And found it in the most weird of places. I found it in the place God was – and I thought He wasn’t. I had tied God down – I had decided how big He was – I had defined where He was and where He was not – I had imposed ME on god!  Yet He – as unconditional love – would not be bound.  He – as Love – “escaped” my imposition – and He is always “there” before me – always and everywhere.

God does not change.

In my experience He does not go through the lust stage and move on to the love phase. In my own experience unconditional love is constant. And I have learned that unconditional love does not need.  That unconditional love desires – empowers – liberates – allows – All – Always.  Unconditional love does not change.

But I do.

I have changed. I have railed against my Lord. I still do. My real complaint is that God does not need me – God “desires” me. So I cannot test God in the way I can test others: How much do you love me (God)? Show me how much you love me (God)! If you love me (God) – then show me – make life easy – give me good things – stop all the bad things – make everybody’s lives perfect (God)!  And even worse than that – my God never demands that of me either!  My God never rails at me, never tests as I do, never demands as I do, but is constant and always!

The word “affluenza” comes to mind.

A term of privilege. A word which encapsulates the “legitimacy of unawareness” for others. The absence of accountability for ourselves.  Of being brought up in “a bubble” of privilege one’s whole life.  Of an absence of allowing others the same freedom I have – because I never knew they should or could!  Affluenza is the legitimacy of being totally self-centred – to cause harm to others – and that harm not being my fault.

Affluenza is currently being tested in a court of law as a defence against just that.

So …

Is that really the relationship we wish of God for ourselves – to be in this bubble of unaccountability – for all the bad stuff we do to each other – for all the bad stuff anywhere – for it always to be “His fault”?  And what does that say about how we love ourselves – how we love others – before we ever get to “debating God”?

What does that “God” say not about God – but about us?

7 thoughts on “All life needs love

  1. I know this was a “rhetorical” question, one given to make us think, but let me answer it from my heart. God says, “You are my child, I love you unconditionally and since I do, when you make a wrong turn (whether intentionally or not) out of unconditional love, I will discipline and convict (disciple, convince – not punish) you so that you get back on the track, the path I have prepared for you. And since all your actions have an effect on another I will do what’s necessary to help them get on the right path as well!”
    Brother, because He does love us unconditionally we can NEVER live in a bubble of privilege though many who claim to be a child of the King of Kings, think they have that privilege in the here and now!
    You made such great points here and one of them that has always fascinated me is how the Creator of man, our Heavenly Father has in so many minds and hearts become the “CREATION” of man! To a great degree it is due to the “soul-sharing” that you mentioned and the dashed hope that can be a result of not loving.
    Sue’s dad before he passed used to say, that the “church army is the only army that kills its wounded!” Don’t get the wrong idea, he wasn’t bitter, his heart had really softened before he passed, but he had the advantage of looking back and witnessing first hand so much of the damage that the “religious orgasm” without love can cause.
    When I first read your article, I immediately thought of him and what he had lived to witness and yet towards the end, his love for our Lord didn’t diminish but only got stronger. He suffered from Alzheimer’s and yet he could watch one of the spiritual channels on TV and just sit there and weep at the songs or some of the teaching! I was witness to God’s ability to work on one of the hardest hearts, hurt due to the “religious extremism” and how the power of God’s Love can turn that hopelessness back to Love for others with even more strength and wisdom!
    Brother, we as a Church, The Body of Christ, NEED to be reminded from time to time, we NEED to be accountable to one another IN LOVE, we NEED to guard our hearts and spirits from allowing each other to fall into this “perceived” affluent bubble of religion!
    Brother, as always, hugs across the pond! You cause me to think, to meditate, to reconsider long held beliefs and WAYS of doing things. THAT is the Holy Spirit at work. Thank you, as always!! God bless and love to you and you wonderful family — prayers flowing your way!


    • Roland, your words always fuse something precious within me. That connection of spirit. Thank you.

      And as I read your words about Sue’s father – an image of “painting with words” came to mind. Of observing with affection and love the horrors of war, affection and love for the participants – horror and revulsion at the carnage around. And maybe the words here, the “observation” of carnage is simply a picture of words. For I grow to love this “army” more as I grow closer to our Lord. I find I love “both sides” without difference. And yet can be repulsed by the carnage of both.

      More and more, Roland, on these steps of my journey – He seems to be showing how we not only “keep God sage in a box”, but we redesign God within the box we have created. If He created us in His image, then creation is in our spiritual and physical DNA. Yet “how” we design our creations … ? Unconditionally our choice as well.

      And when that choice is to wage war over “God” and who’s God is God, to blame the bad stuff we do to each other, the bad choices we make for ourselves and each other, the instant gratification without connection – all that “carnage” – I find more and more an affection for the participants who seem to be searching whilst they know no better – but a repulsion from the consequences on both sides.

      And out comes the easel. 🙂

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      • I so appreciate your comments Brother!! I always get something so great to think about in conjunction with what I feel the Lord gave me to share. To me, THAT is Body Ministry, the Church ministering to one another that we might go out and “minister” to those who need the hope and love and answers and, and……
        The other thing I find so inspiring is that others realize that we continue to learn and grow no matter what our past or how long we have been “struggling” to learn! I thank our Heavenly Father through His Holy Spirit for not just finding your site as well as the other CSF sites, but that I have found a true fellowship that is not afraid to love openly and transparently. It has always been a joy to me to be able to “commune” spirit to spirit and heart to heart! Bless you and your family Brother — prayers always being sent your way!!!


  2. Reblogged this on FOR THE LOVE OF GOD and commented:

    This is from my Brother Paul “from across the pond!” He ALWAYS causes me to think and to evaluate not just my thinking, but my doing as well! Please, read this — we all need to be reminded from time to time that we are in a “struggle” with eternal ramifications for souls. Maybe this article can help you “re-evaluate” your position in Christ Jesus and how you see Him.


  3. “And when you orgasm on religious faith you will create life. You will create hope that is living – and all living things need loving. So if the “hallelujahs” are all there is … if the “saving” is all there is … if “Sunday” is all there is … if Love is missing … how will then hope be nurtured?”

    Yes, yes, YES!!!! Can I add…wowie zowie, amen!!! 🙂 May the force be with us! I LOVE your thoughts here, brother. Love is a Person, and relationships are not sustained on stimuli but on pure, uncensored, undiluted Love…whether it be with God or our mate.


    • My brother, Roland (above), gave me some words that come to mind reading your comment, Mel – your generosity is gawjus – thank you!

      “Religion says: I do the work, I get the credit, and God accepts it. Christianity says: God does the work, God gets the credit, and I accept it.”

      I keep that by my computer especially for moments like this – thank you! 🙂

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