7 thoughts on “Stirred to Worship

    • Lol. I know what you mean! I had a very similar first reaction, being a bit more into Gregorian than what Paul might call “happy-clappy”. But there’s just something about this…. something that conjures the feel of David dancing before the Ark. It’s become a real “Call to Worship” anthem for me. — LM


  1. That feels like David dancing before the Ark!! I couldn’t keep my feet still!! It has been way too long since I have felt moved to dance before the Lord but this Worship Anthem sent me back to my days of leading Praise and Worship!! I’m sad to say that my feet haven’t moved like that in worship in a long time. This didn’t just make my spirit soar!!!! It reminds me of a cry to war, a cry and call to battle and PRAISE IS the weapon!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for this!! I’m going to post it on my Facebook page!!! God bless you LM for this!!!!

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    • Glad you were moved also. And you’re right… it’s like a war song. But that’s the really weird part, it’s a war song of love! A song of Praise! Like, no danger of “friendly fire” or “misidentification of the enemy”… it’s a call to worship, a call to war against darkness, despair, hopelessness. Not against “people” but against “misery”.

      Depending on denomination, I always have to “watch my feet” with this one. lol… It always moves me to “dance”, and as we know so well… that’s not OK in some places!

      Grace to you! LM

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  2. Recently I re-read Joseph Garlington’s “Worship, The Pattern of Things in Heaven” (1997) – this book is a teaching on the meaning, the necessity, the reward, the purpose, the result, etc. of true worship. Included is warfare. He stresses that praise is an essential spiritual weapon against the enemy of our souls. I so agree! Too many people see it as just music. Harmony. Whether poetry or prose with a religious theme or feel-good rock beats and rhythms, it becomes just a way to make ourselves feel good about what we’re doing. Joe Garlington was the first minister I ever heard teach about spiritual warfare using praise and worship, entering into battle WITH the Lord of Hosts. This piece certainly seems like one of those weapons to me. Thank you for sharing!

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