In The Key of Love

I often hear songs that immediately remind me of the Lord. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about listening to Bob Dylan’s Make You Feel My Love and hearing the voice of Jesus sing the words.

Yesterday, a dear friend and sweet sister shared this song called The Scientist by Cold Play’s Chris Martin. Though it may have been written about a different kind of relationship, what I hear – and what she clearly heard – is the deep need and desire to love Him, to go back to the time of intimacy in our relationship.

All the theology, research and examination allow me to do is know a lot about God, but they don’t engage my heart. They don’t allow me to know the Father or connect with His heart. When I sit alone with Him, light a candle, listen to worship music or write in my prayer journal, I am spending time with Him. I hear His voice. I feel His presence. I accept His unconditional love and grace. I bask in the warmth of His embrace.

When I don’t spend time with Him, when I run in circles, or step backward into legalism, or worship the Bible more than the One who wrote it, I ache for Him to tell me He loves me.

As the song says, “Tell me you love me. Come back and haunt me. Oh, and I rush to the start.”

I pray you hear Him calling you today.

Thank you for sharing this, my sweet sister.

Thoughts and questions are precious ...

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