There is a sweetness in the air this time of year.  No, it’s not all the sugar that we use in baking all those yummy Christmas cookies and Holiday treats.  I don’t know, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside and can sense the sweetness that accompanies that.

Too sappy?  As I sat down to write a post, list of ideas before me, I decided to change direction.  I decided to sit a moment and just look into my heart and see how I feel.

As a “church goer” for many years, “feelings” seem to be put on the back burner by some.  I have actually heard many a sermon instructing Christians that feelings are not something to base your actions on.  Say, “I believe”, rather than, “I feel”.

Say what???  Being a person that feels the presence of God and feels how others are doing, etc., that just goes against who I am.  I could study the Bible till the cows come home and walk away with very little memorizing of scripture but my heart is full of it’s meaning.

I love that about me.  I love that others are more theological and logical.  After all, isn’t God that way?  BOTH ways?  How can I be who I am not?

I tried that growing up.  A right-brained child in a left brained house – so to speak.  We were given a lot of creative things to do but had to create a certain way.  Explain that to the God who created armadillos or stripped horses – aka zebras.

I’m being silly in some ways.  But it is just fine and dandy to use your emotions. They are real.  So, back to my opening line…..

I feel a sweetness in the air today.  A cozy comfy feeling and I love it.  Could be Christmas or Holiday Season or just the love of Holy Spirit surrounding me.

Can you feel it?  Here’s a fun one for you…..


Cate B

5 thoughts on “Sweetness

  1. Sister Cate, emotions are one aspect of our character that makes us so like our Heavenly Creator. It is a part of our personality, what makes us who we are in the eyes of others. I believe it is part of what will allow us “to be known as we are known” once we reach our Heavenly Home. But emotion can and is, just like in the natural a part of the natural man AND a part of the spiritual man as well. I so wholeheartedly agree with Sister Susan that faith and emotion are closely tied for faith is the expectancy of receiving something we can’t see, yet believe God has for us. Sis, you are so right on! For example, happiness is a natural emotion based upon your circumstance, whereas joy is a spiritual emotion and Fruit of the Spirit based on our relationship with the Father through the Son and empowered by the Holy Spirit!! Hope this is as clear as mud, Sis!!! LOL!!!
    I hope and pray Sister Cate that you and yours are blessed with an abundance of Joy AND Peace this season!!!


  2. It’s with the heart that one believes (Rom.10:10), which makes it so silly to make it all intellectual faith. God was all about capturing our hearts, from Genesis to Revelation, so you go on feeling. 🙂

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