Bethlehem, he was born there

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(First line of the Gaither song “Bethlehem, Galilee, Gethsemane.”)

Photo by Sara Branstetter, April 2008. Used with permission.I’ve been curious about Bethlehem lately, meditating and researching the people and the place, both in the past and now in the present. The town sits atop a craggy Judean mountain, 5 to 6 miles uphill (nearly 100 feet higher) from Jerusalem. The countryside in between is still used by shepherds, much like 2000 years ago; this photo was taken by an American couple visiting Israel in 2008. (Courtesy Sara Branstetter.)

What do you know about the little town of Bethlehem? Do you visualize a stable with cows and chickens, donkeys and goats along with a lamb or two? Need to re-think…

This little town was unique. It’s where the sheep for the Temple sacrifices were raised. The Lamb of God was born where the “Lambs of God” were born! These were very special sheep, raised and watched over by very…

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2 thoughts on “Bethlehem, he was born there

  1. I got to see Bethlehem in 2007 and 2010. Two things really surprised me. First, that it was so close to Jerusalem. It’s an easy walk. You can see the shepherd hills from Jerusalem. Second, that the shepherd paths are still on the hillside, because Bedouin shepherds still tend sheep there, like in the days of Christ’s birth, stuck right in the middle of these ancient/modern cities!

    One thing about Israel in general. The land tells the story!

    And thanks for pointing out Bethlehem’s purpose with the Temple sacrifices. This small and insignificant town in the Middle East is full of symbolism and history. Blessings.

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