Right place, right time… encounters with the Holy Spirit

Grocery store, bookstore, Burger King, doctor’s office or online… Holy Spirit-encounter opportunities are everywhere, if we look with Jesus’ eyes.

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FRIENDS-TALK“We owe the world an encounter with the Holy Spirit.”

I didn’t understand just what that meant when I first heard it. I’m getting the idea.

One Sunday afternoon I was sitting in my easy chair with the TV on, reading a book and petting my cat when the Holy Spirit spoke to me. “Go to Barnes & Noble.”

Hmm, I wondered. I had plenty of books to read, why go to Barnes & Noble? The words came again, “Go to Barnes & Noble, go NOW.” So I got my purse and went.

I wandered around for a few minutes observing the other shoppers but not meeting anyone I knew, before picking out an inexpensive book. Still wondering why I was there, I made my way over to the coffee shop, paid for a cup of coffee and the book, then settled at a table facing the outside door.


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