When the world seems to be shrouded in chaos,

When a hurdle on the road in my privileged life

Seems too much to bear,

When my emotions threaten to crush me,

I take a breath

And turn to Him

The One who took me in His arms

And forgave everything,

Who gifted mercy when I didn’t deserve it,

Who flooded me in grace when I did nothing to earn it,

Who, even today, loves me with a love so high,

So deep, and so wide I will never understand it.


Sometimes I feel it, cloak myself in it, abide in it.

So I give thanks,

Not just today

But every day

To Him who changed my mind,

To Him who changed my heart,

To Him who transformed my life

Because His love is in my bones,

In my thoughts, in my words, in my feet, in my hands.


I am His daughter, never again alone,

And when I allow His Spirit to lead me,

To work in me, to remind me

Of the words of Jesus,

My heart is full of His love,

My eyes are full of His tears,

And the chaos and the hurdles

And the crushing burdens

Which threaten to destroy me

Seem to float, seem to lighten

As He lifts them and takes them on

And replaces them with

His lighter burden,

The only one He asks me to carry.


To love. And show others His.


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