Secret Santa Worship Day II

On December 9th, Church Set Free will be a “Worship Zone”.

All of us will each write a post about what “worship means to me”.

And we have contributing “authors” who will also be writing posts here on the same word: worship.  So if you missed the invitation and want to add your voice, please add a comment below.

Worship – Secret Santa – Church Set Free – 9th December … It’s personal!

December 9th 2015

(make a note in your diary)

And a thought from me …

Why do I find this song as powerful a communion with my Lord as many “hymns and praise songs” in church as part of “worship”?  Is God in Eric Clapton, is God in all of us?  And are we all in each other, in God?

(and would you call it “worship” if I offered this song to you?)


24 thoughts on “Secret Santa Worship Day II

  1. I love space. And music. And Jesus. Not necessarily in that order. Here’s a post from one of my blogs, first published in 2008 with the title Creation and reposted in 2014.
    “Discovery, Ongoing Process of Worship
    So much more vast than all of space, Father God, just the edge of your little fingernail could crush our whole universe and disintegrate us into dust.
    Creator of multitudes of galaxies, you are fully aware each moment of each infinitesimal component as each spins in perfect balance, obeying your design for it.
    Yet having set these multitudes into motion, you made yourself small enough, intimate enough, personal enough and individual enough that you can see your own work with our eyes!
    You experience it, explore it, examine it and enjoy it through our eyes, hearts, minds and souls. And as we discover your works in the vastness of your creation, you lead us to discover You.
    You, your person and your personality. Your heart and your care for us, who you dreamed of and fashioned on this earth, this tiny planet, the people you have chosen for a habitation.
    As we discover more of your works in heaven and in earth, help us never fail to discover more of you.”
    Be blessed and a blessing as you worship Him, everyone.


    • Bette – I am curious, have your words, thoughts, sense of wonder changed over the seven years? And a second question, would you like to join your words (these or any others) as part of the worship posts in December?

      Context: I hear this word “worship” used as though universally understood by all. I see many attend “worship” each week together, and yet sense everything from “comfortable frustrating” … “connecting distancing … “personal corporate” in these gatherings. The trigger for this blog day was to see what others who worship take that word to mean when we speak it together.



      • Yes and no. Sense of wonder? That has certainly deepened and widened, grown more personal, more intense. Words? Not so much, although perhaps I am more open to sharing with others (in person and in print) without running them through a “will-this-offend-somebody” or “will-this-turn-someone-off” filter. Thoughts? Oh yes. Once I realized that “Christ in you, the hope of glory” was an actual fact, my thoughts became two-way conversations. There’s no fear of having my privacy invaded; I have no privacy from Him and don’t want any. My greatest sense of wonder came when I started listening to his answers to my questioning thoughts and listening to his questioning of me about my own thoughts. Here’s an example – I was looking at an APOD image one day, thinking about the vastness of space, the incredible beauty and numbers of nebulae, when the Lord said to me, “Have you ever thought about the edges of leaves?” And suddenly image after image, close-ups of leaves – not just leaves, but the edges of leaves, began filling my mind. I could sense his smile as I watched a slide show like no other. I heard him whisper, “And green – have you ever considered green? How many shades of green there are, in those leaves?” That’s a long answer to your question but my life has truly not been the same since that day. As far as joining my words about worship, yes, I would like that.


        • Bette, thank you. You write in glorious colour – high definition colour! And thank you – both of you – for saying yes.
          I love listening to “long answers” that paint such beautiful pictures. Knowing you will hang another canvas here is truly exciting!

          I will send an invitation tomorrow. Thank you again.


  2. I don’t like the word “worship”, I think it sets a barrier between us and God with the heavy connotations it carries, and there should be no barriers between us. When God put man in the garden they walked together, no barriers. Same between Him and the patriarachs (Abraham, Moses, David), there was just an unbeatable Love.

    I believe this is why Jesus chose to replace YHWH with Abba when he taught his disciples how to pray. YHWH had become too much of a relational barrier between God and man, where Abba made the relationship more personal, as it was intended to be.

    If you study the Bible (in my case the RSV) where the word Worship is used it is always man using the word to define his actions, never does God command man to worship him. God does accept the worship, but never commands it. Throughout the Bible what God asks of man is not worship, but love

    Gen 20:6 “showing steadfast love to those who love me and keep my commandments”
    Mark 12:30 “you shall love the Lord you God with all your heart…”

    Our God is a God who longs for his people to love him, for Love is a gift given from the desire of the heart, whereas worship is something commanded to be done, as the gods of Egypt, Greece, and Rome demanded worship from their subjects.


    • Dear TMT (I have an “initials thing” 🙂 ) –

      Odd the relationship we have with words. I have only recently admitted that I have and do. Worship is one such word. So reading your thoughts they resonate – but mine is from a relationship perspective rather than simply instruction (and that “relationship” is where it gets interesting for me).

      I would love to invite you to expand your thoughts in a post on the “SSWD”(date above) – because I am confident there will a wealth of difference in all of the posts. Your comments suggest another bright thread in what will be a “small tapestry” of posts.

      And – on a personal note – I am intensely curious to see what we are each taking from this word and its application in our own relationship with our Lord and each other. Please let me know if you would like to be an author and add your words? Thank you.

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    • You have an interesting take on worship… but what do you do with Matthew 4:10 (Jesus’ own words), or Rev. 14:7, 19:10 and 22:9? “Worship” has a action component, an obedience factor, in both Old Testament scriptures and New that was not thought up by human beings. Jesus is God, Jesus is Creator, Jesus is Word, and he is Author of “worship.” I don’t think our worship of him is for his benefit, however. It’s for ours.

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      • I don’t want to get into long responses, so I will deal with Matthew here.

        The verse you refer to begins in 9 where Satan is asking Jesus to bow down and worship him. To this Jesus responds that God is the only one we are to worship. This is not a command to worship God, but a response that only God is to be worshiped. I am not saying, and I’m sorry if it came across that way, that we should not worship God, but that we have never been asked by God to worship him, only to love him. There is a big difference between the two.

        Understand, I am not ignoring the Rev verses, but I’m responding on my iPad, and, unfortunately, I can’t see your post and my typing at the same time, and there is no way to save a draft of what I am writing so I can go back and forth. Revelation is a difficult text to respond to without actually reading the text because so much of it is written in Apocalyptic prose, and I don’t like to misquote or misinterpret Scripture.


      • Bette, I had the chance to look up the verses in revelation. If you read the passages fully, it is an angel of the Lord who is speaking to John, not God. In each case the angel is telling John not to worship things or others but only God shall you worship.

        Let me ask you this, what is worship to you? When you worship God, what are you doing?


        • Ah ha, that’s the crux of the matter, isn’t it. What am I doing, when I worship God? First, about that angel. Was he speaking his own words? Just off the top of his own head, did he come up with that response? There in heaven, was he going about deciding for himself what he would tell this human? I don’t think so…To answer your essential, critical question, I am obeying his instructions. Not that I am prostrating myself on the floor, bowing and licking his hand, waiting for him to give me my daily chores as slaves might have done. I am going to Food Lion instead of Bi-Lo for groceries, because there is somebody there that Jesus wants to see. Wants to minister to in some way. I am shopping at 3:00 on a Tuesday instead of 10:00 on a Saturday, because that person Jesus wants to see will be there THEN. I am going to the Mall on a Sunday afternoon, buying a cup of coffee and sitting inside drinking it, watching the door because a woman is about to come in who needs a hug and a word from Holy Spirit this afternoon – not tomorrow or somewhere else. Or I am writing, or calling someone, or praying about something, or studying, or resting, or going to bed at 7:00 PM and getting some sleep so that at 3:00 AM I can wake up wide awake and intercede for something happening right then. So, that’s worship to me. Loving my ever-present, in the present Lord and co-worker, being ready and actually doing whatever it is he wants to do in and with me at the moment. (By the way, I am a musician – pianist, organist – who recently retired again from “praise and worship” ministry after 50+ years.)

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          • Lurking quietly, loving the sharing, respecting the respect being shown! And fascinated by the depth of connection in this one word: worship. The Word is alive and well and it is a privilege to ponder on your thoughts.


          • Very good, and you are right, that is the “crux” of it, what is worship to you? What it is to you is what I was getting at – Love. A love of our Lord and the willingness to do what he asks of you. But, you do it out of love, and not from a command.

            You asked an interesting question of me, “First, about that angel. Was he speaking his own words?” I would have to say that they are the words of the angel, because of the way the text is written. Angels, like man, have a free will, and while those in heaven do the will of God, I have to believe that he leaves the method to them. Unless you are a Muslim or LDS then the book you read is an inspired work (the Koran is a word-for-word dictation, the Book of Mormon was handed to Joseph Smith). Let’s look at the text in one of the verses:

            “I, John, am the one who heard and saw these things. And when I heard and saw them, I fell down to worship at the feet of the angel who showed them to me, but he said to me, “You must not do that! I am a fellow servant with you and your brothers the prophets, and with those who keep the words of this book. Worship God”

            Does it sound like God told the angel what to say, or that the angel freely responded to John’s action? I have to go with the latter.

            Glory to Jesus Christ!
            Enjoy the Holiday.

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  3. Dear Brother Paul (I love the sound of that!) in response to Eric Clapton’s song, I can tell you this, satan cannot create, only our Heavenly Father can. He is the one who created the laws that go into the creation of music and the power that music has inherently within it. The devil can only take what God has created and twist and contort it. (From my days as Praise & Worship Pastor in Tucson, AZ.)
    Whether the Spirit of God resides in Eric Clapton or not, only the Spirit knows for sure, but he DOES have that “breath of life;” that spark that our Heavenly Father gives us all and which is constantly yearning for a relationship with Him. Some recognize it for what it is and sadly, some do not. But, that spirit of creativity is one of the attributes of our Father that we have inherited and I believe in many things that uplift and cause us to reflect on the Lord and His greatness you will find the power of the Holy Spirit inherent there. That is why the enemy of our souls can use the created music and putting verses that defeat and cause harm can harness the power of that music. It is the same thing with love and lust. The enemy has the world believing that love is the “feeling” as we have discussed before. When in fact, love is an action.
    Music is one of those God-given blessings of power that can be used for good and for edification or for destruction.
    By the way, personally, I have a very wide love of music that is very eclectic and encompasses many genres. I just love music and I believe it is a gift, a great gift from our Heavenly Father! I do love and appreciate most of his music by the way!

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