Doors: How to recognize them

Yesterday it was Roland, today it is Walter … there is tsunami coming. And this is not a tsunami to be feared. This is a tsunami of Love. A drawing together of Love. A power that sweeps all with it (not before it) – if we each allow.

Will you allow? Will you add your voices, your hearts, your abundance? Will you be you, yet connected with me through Him, with Walter through Him, with each one through Him? That is a tsunami of Love!

Thank you Walter ((hugs))

Walter Bright


Have you ever been at a Crossroad in life? We all have. In fact right now in our world, after the #parisattacks, nations are at crossroads. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions! The French President told his fellow countrymen a few days ago, “We are at war!” And rightly so!

Other nations are adjusting their approach to the growing threat of ISIS. And just a day or two ago, 20 or more governors have decided against bringing Syrian refugees into their state. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

In fact right now, Congress wants to halt the process of bringing Syrian refugees into the United States. This is not a debate about whether they are right or wrong; I’m just trying to point out – that life is sometimes filled with hard choices and difficult circumstances to navigate.

The valley of decisions – You may be facing one today:

  • Should I go back to school?

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2 thoughts on “Doors: How to recognize them

  1. This WAS such a great article! I had to read it a couple of times! I told brother Walter it was like a banquet prepared by a great chef for kings!! He really hit it right on! Thanks for reblogging it as he is new to me and I am going to love reading his posts!!!


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