How Big Is Your Box?

Welcome to the “Roland tsunami” of our Lord and Father. I am now sitting in God Soft Hands Jesus’ lap! Swept here by connecting with the Lord in Roland and the Lord in each of us and the Lord in me.

How about you? Are you ready to be swept along too?



milkywayI have always loved science; all science, earth, biology, physiology, the space sciences and astronomy has probably always been my favorite. Since a young boy, I have looked up at the night sky and imagined just what was out there, just beyond sight, but never far from imagination!

Science has evolved today. There are sciences with names that I can’t hardly pronounce, but it is all due to the searching for why, how and ultimately what is TRUTH. Man has always questioned his existence and how we fit in with the rest of creation. The sciences help us to understand our place and hopefully how to interact with everything around us.

Many Christians today would point you to the Bible, the Holy Word of God and tell you that all you need to know about everything is found in God’s Word. For an intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father…

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