I didn’t want to do this


English for dummies: “I have one sheep. I have many sheep. You have one ship. You have many ship. We have one sleep. We have many sleep.”

You are now proficient in English. Please go and teach all those johnny-foreigners how to speak it as well!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Pastor Roland Ledoux wrote a stonking post yesterday. I was in complete, ecstatic, orgasmic spiritual lust with Roland yesterday (and if that’s not okay – don’t care)!

One letter. Just one letter! Vessel. Vassal. The difference in one letter is MASSIVE!! The Lord has been doing a jig around my heart and desk and keyboard and head ever since I read Roland’s words.

Last night as I slept, God Soft Hands Jesus didn’t. He was dancing all night long in one paragraph of Roland’s post.  This one:

“Being obligated to someone does not equate to unconditional “agape” love! Unconditional means just that; NOT expecting anything in return. You can know that Heaven is involved, but even if it wasn’t, unconditional love says you would love anyway! You love someone for who they are, not for what you can get. A vassal will always expect something in return and a vassal’s lord will always expect to give something in return for that loyalty!”
(read the full version here: Vessels or Vassals: Pastor Roland Ledoux)

Last night as I slept, God Soft Hands Jesus didn’t. He was embroidering just one bit, in that one paragraph, of Roland’s post.

Paul: (snoring lightly – but ever so elegantly)

God Soft Hands Jesus: (dancing lightly – but ever so enthusiastically) So imagine this dear “snoring Paul”: There is no heaven. There is no God, Jesus or Holy Spirit. There is no Church. There is no Institution, denomination or dogma. There are none of the trappings you all join or love or resist and/or criticise. There is nothing – and no one – to blame. There is nothing – and no one – to applaud. There is no eternal living. There is no living happily after. Being saved does not mean a ticket through the Pearly Gates. There are no Pearly Gates.  So you have nothing to look forward to after you breathe your last breath. What you see here is all you get. What you have now is all you have. What you are is down to you – and no one else. Your relationships are Your Relationships. So where do you go when you die? You don’t go anywhere. You stop. You are no more. You end.  Unconditional love says you would love anyway.

Unconditional love says you would love anyway.

This morning I didn’t want to do this.  I have a list of things to clear today.  I have commitments right through to bedtime.  I don’t want to be here writing a post – not today.  But when I sat here with today’s lectionary verses, GSHJ pulled me on to the dance floor.  He wrapped that sentence around us – and …

Here I am.

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


Discipling for dummies: “I have been saved. I have been many saved. You have one saved. You have many saved. We have one save. We have many save.”

You are now proficient in discipling. Please go and teach all those sinners to be disciples as well!

:-/ :-/ :-/ :-/ :-/ :-/

Vessel. Vassal. One letter. Just one letter! The difference in one letter is MASSIVE!!

If there is no heaven, no reward, no eternal life … just what is it you will be saving them from and for? Just what is your foundation of “discipling” and “making disciples”? If you have really and truly “got it” with all this God stuff – then why not try taking God out of your sales pitch.

Have you heard the Good News?
No – what’s that all about?
Unconditional Love, my brother! That’s the Good News! I can save love you!!
How does that work?
Easy! You become a vassal vessel, you empty yourself of everything, and allow God Unconditional Love to fill you up and guide you!
To do what?
To love everybody!
Who is everybody?
“Everybody” is “Everybody”!
What’s in it for me?
Everlasting life for eternity …. ah crap! I can’t use that anymore …
Can’t use what?
Nothing. I was just having a senior moment!
So what is in it for me? What do I get out of it?
You will be save … ah crap again!
You can come and join us in chur … ah Nuts!
The bible says so …. Doh! And Doh again!!

Try taking God out of YOUR sales pitch and what are YOU left with – and just WHO are you left with?  That – for me – is why HE was dancing all night.

Discipling is NOT a sales pitch.  God is NOT an investment portfolio.   Love is NOT conditional.  That is “vassal love”.

“Vessel Love” is unconditional love is – because Unconditional Love says you would love anyway.

(Now is it okay to be in complete spiritual LOVE with Roland? Because lust is not enough – lust doesn’t do it for me – but unconditional love does)

10 thoughts on “I didn’t want to do this

  1. Reblogged this on Just me being curious and commented:

    Go to Church Set Free – good things live and are living there!

    Go to Church Set Free and find others who speak the bible, others who don’t, others who say things like wot I don’t and can’t, others who don’t and can’t say things like wot I say … others who love … others I love.

    Love lives and is living in Church Set Free. Unconditional Love.

    Give it a try – what have you got to lose? 🙂

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  2. You tickled me pink first thing this morning Sis! I don’t know how many others have experienced this but since the first message I preached years ago and the first worship song I wrote and sang, afterwards (the following day) I felt a ?deflate? is the best way to describe it. When you ARE an empty vessel, an earthen vessel and the Holy Spirit fills you, not you yourself, you feel like you flesh has been through the mill. Yesterday when I finally relaxed and prayed, it hit me! It’s the old flesh fighting against the spirit within. You know, almost like the flesh is saying, “take that for loving!”
    Spiritually, I am always deeply thankful that the Lord, His Spirit would use me as He does. I know my faults, intimately, probably exactly like the Apostle Paul stated so many times. (not comparing myself to Paul but in infirmities! LOL!)
    I am so glad it touched so many hearts, it touched me for the Lord ALWAYS deals with me first, do more of this, cut back on this area of your life, etc, etc, LOVE MORE UNCONDITIONALLY!! When we DO love unconditionally, think of it, we ARE sharing God the Creator, God the Almighty, God the Father, with others because HE IS LOVE! (1 John 4).
    Finding your site by the way was no accident either, for when I started blogging, I asked the Holy Spirit to do the leading! That is why I don’t follow tags like so many do, I let the Lord lead through likes, comments etc and He has blessed me more abundantly than anyone can imagine! I have seen the TRUE Church, the Body of Christ coming together in unity and it is EXCITING in this age we live!! Our Lord has so much for His people, but we have to come together in agape Love. We have to not just talk about the example of Jesus, we have to live it.
    Okay, ’nuff preaching again, just wanted to say thank you, but so much more importantly, PRAISE GOD Almighty, Magnify and Glorify His Wonderful and Holy Name!!! Amen & Amen!

    Love you back Sis, it’s easy in the Lord!!! (AND it’s so much more real!!!)


  3. Lust technically just means “earnest desire” or what “enkindles desire,” so you’re quite okay with your Roland-lust, Paul. 🙂 He rekindled earnest desire in you.

    Good stuff! Love is a Person, so all the other peripherals are not absolutely needed to invite someone to the Dance.


  4. Paul, this may be one of my favorite posts you’ve written. And thank you GSHJ for sending Your words through him. It isn’t ever about what we get back – though we get back proliferating and unknowable and explainable blessings. It is about giving and offering and allowing and inviting and loving and trusting and forgiving and doing all over again. Even though our vessels may be broken, He is the glue that holds them together.


  5. LOL! Thank you Susan. Each time I think the same He draws out another. But these posts, then Roland, then GSHJ and this one is up there!!
    This message sings to something deep inside. Right where He resides.
    Thank you


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