Religion or Relationship?

I just did an bad thing.  Well, for me it was bad.  I engaged in commenting on a FB post about Christianity.

I told myself to stay away from commenting on religion and politics.  Why?  Because I can get really angry.  The person who posts some of these things are usually angry to start with and why throw more wood on the fire?  You tend to get no where.  Just bigger fires.

So today I broke my self made rule.  I could blame Starbucks, even though I know they have no blame whatsoever on the choice of holiday cup color.  I could really blame the Christians who think everyone is attacking them at the holidays just because they took Christ out of Christmas – what is it about “free will” (that God gave us all) you don’t understand?

What have we done, Church?  When did we decide to believe man-made religion and not believe God our Father and Jesus His Son and Holy Spirit?  When did we turn the other way and forget He lives inside of us?  That He is always there?  That He never leaves us or forsakes us?

Don’t get me wrong.  I attend a local church.  I love the people.  I love the Pastors teachings and his heart.  But the moment I become more loyal to an institution and turn from my loyalty to God as my best Friend, the One who knows ALL about me, the One who wants and longs for me to enjoy His company and I His, that moment is a big mistake.

There.  I said it.  Dear Readers, know that I fail daily at this relationship with God.  It is so much easier to be handed a manual and rules to go by.  I like order.  But when I told Him that He can have all of me……. When I told Him to take my life and change me and make me more like Him……..  When I told Him I wanted a life of faith and adventures with Him…..  Well, He took me up on it.  It’s hard.  There are many days I’ve wanted to sign up and join the crowd and just do whatever they ask.  But He gently lets me go and when I fail He gently takes me into His arms and loves on me.  That is priceless.

I read the thoughts of a person so bitter against God and Jesus that they actually said that they are better off.  They were tired of the lies and perversions they have seen in the church.  I get that.  But to throw away your chance of eternity because of religious people who have failed at relationship with God…… is that worth it?

Just some thoughts to ponder.  I’m not up for arguing.  Hopefully you can read my words and understand what my heart is saying.  In a nutshell……. it’s about knowing God, Jesus, Holy Spirit and all that entails.  And to find out what that is for you is an act of faith and seeking Him out.

Love you all.


Cate B

18 thoughts on “Religion or Relationship?

  1. “The moment I become more loyal to an institution and turn from my loyalty to God as my best Friend, the One who knows ALL about me, the One who wants and longs for me to enjoy His company and I His, that moment is a big mistake.”

    And that’s it in a nutshell, isn’t it Cate?


    Love you. ❤

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  2. “It is so much easier to be handed a manual and rules to go by.”

    God tried that with us. First he gave us one rule, and we partook of the fruit. Then he gave us ten, and we worshiped a golden calf. Then there were over six hundred, and we failed miserably. Now, instead of a rule we have but one guideline, to love God and each other with all our hearts. Isn’t that so much easier?

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  3. As brother Fry commented, “no argument from me,” and I have to say ditto! I truly believe that our Heavenly Father is drawing us together, creating by His Holy Spirit a unity in the Spirit. We HAVE to become the Church that Jesus came to redeem! Having minor disagreements is not division, but overcoming those disagreement with unconditional love is what allows the Holy Spirit to create that unity.
    I really and truly loved your article and especially because you centered it around the idea of RELATIONSHIP!! God bless you so much for your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and the faith that empowers you to exhort the TRUTH!
    As a side thought, I believe this site was empowered AND empowered by the Holy Spirit!! As I said we don’t have to agree on every little thought or interpretation, but what brings unity is unconditional love for the Lord AND our willingness to love unconditionally, one another!!! Great job and again, God bless you abundantly!!

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  4. Great post, Cate! 🙂

    I’ve been looking at all this “Tempest in a Coffee Cup” stuff today, and it’s just made me laugh and shake my head.

    As usual, my mind goes to Jesus… His actions, ministry, word(s)… and (true to my own ministry upbringing) I’ve just envisioned Him here now, in my town, and shuddered to think of Him stomping into our local Starbucks… pounding His fist on the counter… and shouting at some poor college barista trying to latte their way through school… “Hey! YOU! Why isn’t MY Name and birthday on your gosh darned Coffee Cups! Huh?”

    There’s a picture, no?

    When I interned, my supervisor tried to train me to filter my words and actions by some simple principles… “Is this loving? Is this gracious? Would Jesus do this thing or say these words in this context?” (That is a tough discipline, but a lot more fun than most people would think! Makes for more than a few humorous situations, btw.)

    As to Jesus and Starbucks, I’m reminded of the reality that a vast amount of His evangelism and ministry, was done “partying”… often with “the wrong sort” of people. So, I expect I’d find Him from time to time, just sitting in Starbucks with a scone, muffin, cookie… and cup of brilliant coffee… just hanging out enjoying the company of others. Some asking questions. Some just drinking Him in. Healing a bit here or there… Yeah, Jesus would enjoy Starbucks!

    If, as, because… we are followers of Jesus, we are to be recognized as such by others… because we LOVE WELL.

    It’s such a shame these days that so many Christians are “recognized” because of anything and everything but. Jesus told us how to “manage our image”. Let us continue to encourage one another in obedience to Him.

    Love ya, Cate! Great Post! Let us all Party On in His Name!

    Grace and blessings —


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  5. Good points, Cate. I don’t understand the whole Starbuck’s thing either. A bit besides the point. Let them have a red coffee cup if they want one. Sheesh! I didn’t see, “We hate Christmas” written anywhere on the cup.

    I agree with Little Monk’s comments. Jesus would be celebrating with people at places like Starbuck’s, and probably sharing a parable about how what’s in the cup that matters, not what’s on the outside. 🙂 On that note, wouldn’t it be better if we just loved the people pouring the coffee into the cup rather than complaining about what words or images are not on the cup? Blessings.

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  6. BAM!!! i just found this Cate, don’t know how i missed it…but so glad i did stumble on it!!
    you know this def resonates in my heart, i couldn’t have said it better, you nailed it!
    def sharing this, it’s soooooo good!! 😉

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