Platform Generation

Walter has written a fab post! Relevant to all who seek to follow their Lord, to do “kingdom work”, to bring others to their Lord, to make disciples, to “reproduce” and (maybe) hope to be able to look God in the eye and say …

“Look what I have done for You!”

Walter causes me to ponder: Just what is “it” we are doing – and for who?

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Walter Bright

We live in a day and age where numbers really matter. The number of followers and friends you have on social media matter. It matters so much that people buy followers to make themselves look influential. Studies show that people spend up to 9 hours a day trying to boast their status in the blogger sphere and on social media.

This phenomenon is so strong that even the number of members in any organization can change the status of both the organization and its leadership – positively or negatively. Positively they are able to leverage their influence to change the world. Negatively they become self-absorbed, narcissistic and needy for the praise of men.

Sadly, when it comes to numbers, a lot of people think you need a huge following to change the world. I disagree! For example: If your church is small, it doesn’t mean you need to fold your hands…

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