Why am I here?

I read a post this morning (fantastic by the way) about how to garner more comments out here on WordPress, meet and greets and the like. It got me to wonder that age old question, why am I here?

What started out as a recovery breakthrough and call from God has taken on a life of its own that led me all the way to the Catholic church. I’ve met people out here in blog-land who’ve accepted me throughout the entirety of this journey, and some who have not. I read and re-read so many theology based posts I sometimes become nauseous with the verbose and stale translations that make Jesus dead. I’ve been asked to be myself but most times I’ve been asked not to be myself. At times I don’t even know what to call myself. 

The mass, it is my saving grace.  Receiving Jesus weekly in the Eucharist has taken me to places I never thought I’d be spiritually. The celebration of Him, the focus on His sacrifice and the participation at His table is at times overwhelming for me. I could float off in the distance in my little Catholic life, and maybe God will let me do that. I pray God will let me do that. But it’s times like this I find and know my writing and working out my salvation is as much for you as it is for me. And I am not concerned about comments, online cocktail hours or whether you like me or not. No, the truth is so much more than that. 

We try and make people conform to the way we think they should be. We say that being a Christian makes us free, but I was in bondage over people pleasing so much more than I was in the world. Even now, it is hard at times to write what God has for me, knowing it will draw your ire. But be myself I must, I know who I am, and God does too.

I wish more people would write about their struggles and realities rather than cloak themselves in bibles. I wish more people would be honest with themselves about who they are. I can’t imagine that most Christians don’t use the word moron in their everyday vernacular or get angry or feel hurt or sad. I can’t imagine why we can’t and won’t accept people right where they are, and why we need to shove the gospel down their throat like bad medicine. If I cannot be myself in Christ, where else can I go to do that? Certainly not back to the world which has nothing to offer except certain death…

We have to allow ourselves to feel, to grow, to move inside and outside of ourselves, to be healthy, to get healthy and to take others with us. We can’t exist inside a shell of who we are. We can’t be perfect. We have to reach out in the language that the person our hand is extended to understands.

So why am I here? I don’t know. I ask myself that question a lot these days. So I’ll ask you the same, why are you here, what are the intentions in your heart? Is your space self-serving, do you tear down others with your words, do you judge, do you hide behind pretty things, do you get angry and let the writer know, do you let people be free to be themselves and give them the words you know they need? What are you doing here? Well?

15 thoughts on “Why am I here?

    • Thanks Jason. I also appreciate you so much. You helped me when I was first getting my own blog started http://workforthecausenottheapplause.com/, and if it wasn’t for you I never would have gotten off the ground or understood the technical aspects of blogging. For me, you are here to help those of us who have a message to get out but not the technical knowledge to do it. By helping me, you’ve helped so many who read my blog, many who are hurting. So thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love to you-M


  1. Why am I here? Honestly, it’s because I need a creative outlet. Writing exercises my brain, and I NEVER thought that would happen. I love that you aren’t afraid to speak about Jesus. I’m saved, and Jesus is my life. As my blog continues, I’m sure I will post more about Him. Great post!

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    • Great answer and I would say the same. Honestly, some days I write just for me, and then I find out of course that it’s not just for me. Being honest is key! Thanks for stopping by, much love to you-

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  2. “I can’t imagine that most Christians don’t use the word moron in their everyday vernacular or get angry or feel hurt or sad.” …… I don’t use the word moron in my everyday vernacular … I guess that’s something at least 😉

    And you’re right. Sometimes it’s too easy to hide behind the pages of the Bible and try to deny the pain and anguish, depression, and other “worldly stuff” I deal with on a every-minute-of-the-day basis. It get’s taught from so many pulpits, is it any wonder so many live there?

    Thanks for, once again, being who you were designed to be, called to be — and waking me up. Shaking my tree and helping me realize that complacency could be the worst “enemy” I ever face.

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    • God bless you brother. Let’s be real together. Without the crucifixion, there is no victory. We all need to feel our feelings in order to go through Calvary. This allows us to be who we are in Him 24 hours a day, and allows the Holy Spirit to do the real work, the hard work. Love you-


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