Is Grace Really That Amazing?


Nearly every Christian I know talks about amazing grace. We discuss it in church. Books have been written about it from Paul Ellis to Max Lucado to Andy Stanley to Lee Strobel to Philip Yancey (just to name a few out of over 100 pages on Not to mention the number of songs.

It’s interesting to note that in the Gospels, the only grace ever mentioned was about Jesus. Yet the apostle Paul wrote of the gift of grace in nearly every letter.

“We are now saved and set right by His free gift of grace through the redemption available only in Jesus Christ. Roman 3:24

It seems to me, however, many spurn this free gift. Why, then is it talked about it so much? Why do people pretend they value grace when they wear it like a cloak in church on Sunday morning and hang it up when they walk in the door at home Sunday afternoon?

When the gift of grace is put on for show and not welcomed into the mind and heart and soul, it is rejected; it cannot then transform, cannot be understood, cannot be passed along.

Then these very things that have come to me will be poured out as “rivers of living water” all around me (John 7:38). Even love must be transformed by being poured out “to the Lord.” Oswald Chambers

When grace is not allowed to become a part of our DNA, we cannot become the human beings created in God’s image we were meant to be. We must surrender ourselves to a loving God who wants to lift us higher, who wants to show us more than we see right now.

God wants to show us the image of ourselves through His eyes. Our perfect, flawless, beloved selves. And once we can see that – once we grasp the raw amazing beauty of it – we will pour His loving, living water over others so they will see themselves that way, too.

Now that’s amazing grace.

6 thoughts on “Is Grace Really That Amazing?

  1. Grace is God’s alternative to Justice. He satisfied justice at the Cross. The spear that pierced Jesus heart, opened the flow of Living Waters forevermore. All too often, people see grace as some arbitrary favor granted to some but not all, or sometimes but not always, or to the favored not the despicable.

    For me, the “amazing” part of grace is that God is none of that… will have none of that. Jesus said, frequently, that He came for the sick, the sinner, the despicable. That God grants by His nature, not His whim, that we can trust to the Father to be ever and always gracious. Amazing? Yes. So amazing, most people… even those who proclaim their love and faith from the housetops… cannot believe this is simply “how He is”.

    “Too good to be true!” they will cry.

    “Too easy! Too simple!”

    Too… amazing…

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  2. “When grace is not allowed to become a part of our DNA, we cannot become the human beings created in God’s image we were meant to be.” — Without that “spiritual strand” or “bit of code” within us, we may be a copy of what our Heavenly Father wanted, but would never be truly in His image! I love Sis, the beautiful way you stated that! To think that it is given to all so very freely! God bless so richly Sis!

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